Air Conditioning

Each floor is served by central air conditioning, and after office hours available to suit individual requirement. tenant may control the temperature in their office by asking the technicians to adjust as their request. Wisma HSBC also allow tenants to operate their own 24-hours air conditioning for computer rooms, etc.

Emergency Stairs

Each floor is served by emergency exit and tenants allow to use if it happens emergency situation in the building.

Fiber Optics

Wisma HSBC has installed fiber optics to caters the technological needs of office tomorrow and allowed high speed broadband internet access. We are very aware that internet will be an important role of business in the future, so that we support the tenant in facing and anticipating that conditions.

Fire Protection

Automatic sprinkler, fire hoses, portable fire extinguisher, detector and alarm stations are provided on every level. Tenant also trained in fire fighting and evacuation techniques that is held at least once a year.


For optimum performance Wisma HSBC occupied with two high speed passenger lifts. In addition there is one heavy duty service lift with capacity 1000Kgs. The lifts can be controlled both manually and automatically completed with computer programmed to respond actual demand for maximum efficiency.


Generous light level with light boxes in each level, tenants can asked to the building management for additional lighting for their own needs.

Power Supply

Wisma HSBC is served by PLN with over supply of power generating, making power cuts much less likely. We also provide at least two Stand By Generators for emergency purposes. The generators start up automatically as soon as there is a cut in city power supplies for all essential services.


The security is provided for 24 hours they regularly patrol day and night in every level. Besides guard duties, all security guards are trained in fire fighting and rescue at least once a year and they also trained and equipped for office, vehicle and personal searches and have cleaning set out procedure, to be followed in the event of bomb threats.