Wisma HSBC is ten stories rental office building located in Jalan Gajah Mada no 135 Semarang 50134. With strategic location in the heart of Semarang , Wisma HSBC equipped with modern design and facilities to support the tenant business.

The location ensure Wisma HSBC surrounded with central business and shopping centres in Semarang. In addition, Masjid Raya Baiturrahman is located just next to Wisma HSBC. There are even hotels near the building i.e. Ciputra Hotel – Mall, Tentrem Hotel – Mall, Graha Santika, Ibis Hotel and Department Store.

Using the concept of glass building, it offers beautiful outlook. From the south of building, a stunning view of Semarang hill, whilst from the north, the beauty of Java Sea and Tanjung Emas Harbour can be seen.

As a first of rental office building in Semarang, Wisma HSBC has commitment in tenant services quality, gaining good tenants and keeping them happy. Achieving these aims enable our tenants to conduct business in pleasant and efficient surrounding without interruption. Our track record speaks for itself, as almost all of our tenants have been with us for many years.

Now we have already manage another Building in Yogyakarta, seven stories office “PACIFIC BUILDING” which is located on strategic area.

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